My Story:

Life long athlete. Began working out with weights and reading bodybuilding magazines when I was 12. My sister at the age of 8, got diagnosed with a childhood cancer called Wilms Tumor. I remember the doctor telling my Mom that sometimes people are predisposed to getting cancer but lifestyle choices should always be made wisely. Eat healthy, be active, manage stress, sleep well etc etc. This was almost all the stuff I was reading in my magazines so I made a connection at 13 years old that living healthy and working out is of the utmost importance. 

In high school I was the first Springboard Diver to qualify for State Finals from that school in over 10 years. All the while, training with weights was what I most enjoyed. In my 20's I was diagnosed with multiple hormone imbalances which caused me to have issues with blood pressure, LDL/HDL, elevated inflammatory markers like homocysteine and CRP amongst other issues. At one point my weight ballooned up to 270 pounds before I figured out the correct measures and changes I needed to regain control over my body. 


I got certified as a Personal Trainer at 18. Throughout my journey to correct my own health and hormone issues I never stopped working out and helping others. Helping someone figure out how to control their body, and learn to love the process, is the most rewarding thing I've ever experienced. Its not selfish to spend time on you. We can't pour form an empty cup. The health and strength of your body is one of the most important investments you have.


Reality is, "You only ever get ONE body, learn how it works and take care of it." We can choose our pain or pain will choose us. What does that mean? Yes, eating with discipline requires some sacrifice and working out is uncomfortable. The alternative is living in a body we arent happy with, and that body becomes broken, whether it be diabetes, high blood pressure or most other avoidable diseases and conditions. We either make time for our Wellness, or we are Forced to make time for Illness. Which one do you choose?









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