Your fitness story has to start somewhere, just like mine. The first time I bought a set of dumbbells was after I became unhappy with how my body looked and I wanted to get back into shape. However, it wasn't as easy as I thought, but I kept at it! Being a mom and birthing 6 kids, I learned what it meant to put in hard work. Once I started my fitness journey, my training helped build up more endurance and I noticed positive changes in my body. I then truly became committed to improving the condition of my body. I realized it takes dedication and changes wont happen over night. For those seeking better health, I want to be here to help you start your story, build your confidence, and prove your worth to you. My goal is to not just make your muscles stronger, but to make your mind stronger too. As a team, we can achieve your fitness goals and find your motivation to keep bettering your health.








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