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Kallies Hayden

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Savannah - One Year Transformation

Kallies - 5 year Transformation

Alyssa - After Pregnancy Transformation

Karla's 5 Month Transformation

Julia's Transformation

Julia trained with me for 2 months through the summer of 2019, June through July, before returning to college and continuing our training relationship through the Online Coaching Program I offer; she is continuing, as well as has met, her previous goals upon the beginning of our training, and is now striving to meet new goals! 

Joe Cook's Transformation

Joe Cook Began Training at Shorewood Fitness and with the help of our Trainers he was able to lose 180lbs within 18 months with no cardio and no dieting, Joe strictly wanted to focus on strength training! His only food preparations consisted of increasing his protein by 40% of his caloric intake, by drinking a 16oz protein shake before every meal and his strength training sessions!







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